Get Involved

Wea��re always keen to welcome new people a�� and not just actors.

Here we explain, in a bit more detail the kind of things our members and helpers get up to.Some only take a few hours . . . some become part of your life!

If youa��d like to get involved, contact us.

There is a place in theatre for austere and ascetic stage sets, but that place is not pantomime!A� We design and paint up to half a dozen backdrops for each production, and make various other pieces of scenery (trees, beanstalks, furniture etc).

We tend to have one team that does set construction, with another group painting backdrops and scenery, working on pre-arranged evenings in the hall from October onwards (you dona��t have to be there every week).

We also need help tracking down the a�?propsa�? (stage properties) needed for a production (anything from a glass slipper to a suit of armour to a giant water pistol).

A wide range of exotic and amusing outfits is essential in every pantomime (and thata��s just for the Dame).A� We have a stock of costumes from previous years, but each production demands new items and alterations to existing ones.A� We also usually hire a few costumes.

Our Wardrobe Co-ordinator would welcome anyone who is handy with a needle or a sewing machine, but do be careful not to prick your finger . . .

Shea��d also welcome anyone who can use a glue-gun, stapler, spray paint or has a good imagination and wants to join a busy and enthusiastic team.

Either way, your help would be gratefully appreciated for as long as you are available.

Someone has to carry the scenery on and off, ensure props are to hand, open the curtains and raise/lower backdrops.A� This is the role of the stage crew, under the direction of the Stage Manager.A� Most crew members need to be there for every performance, and for a couple of rehearsals before, but sometimes members cana��t make a performance and we need someone else to slot in.

For each performance we have people working backstage with responsibility for everything from helping cast members apply stage makeup, acting as chaperones for the younger actors (a chaperone licence is required by DCC but we would assist you in completing the paperwork) to making drinks for the cast.A� We welcome help with all/any of these (and you dona��t need to be there for every performance).

We need people to show the audience to their seats, sell programmes, sweets and merchandise.A�A� If you can do this at just a couple of shows, it would really help us.

We have a small team who operate our computerised lighting and sound systems during performances, and at a couple of rehearsals before.

Auditions for actors and dancers are held every September, and with cast members leaving for university every year, we always need new ones.A� Details of auditions can be found elsewhere on the website.A� Dancers and actors playing principal parts will need to attend two rehearsals a week, and chorus members one, with the possibility of extra rehearsals in January.

Our band usually has three or four members (no floor space for more!) and starts rehearsals in December.A� Wea��re prepared to consider pretty much any instrument.A� Let us know what you can play . . .

What are you good at?

We need people who can make and serve tea/coffee at the interval at just a few performances.

We need help with admin at rehearsals.

We need something youa��re good at and we dona��t know we need it yet.