The auditions are all on the same day this year, in the Church Hall at St Nicholas Church (Allestree Lane, DE22 2PE) on Sunday 11th September.

The auditions for PRINCIPALS start at 12.00 pm.

The auditions for SUPPORTING ACTORS and DANCERS start at 3.00 pm.

We will need you to sign in on your arrival and to provide your contact details including telephone numbers and email address. Please inform us on your arrival if you have to leave quickly so that we can try to audition you as soon as possible. Sorry but we are unable to tell you there and then if you have been successful in your audition but we do try to let everyone know within a day or so.

If the character youa��re auditioning for has a song
– no need to sing at the audition if youa��ve performed a solo or duet in any of our previous shows
– otherwise wea��ll ask you to sing as part of the audition. You can sing any song you like, unaccompanied
– or if you feel you need accompaniment, be ready to sing the first verse of Shut Up And Dance (last yeara��s opening number)

To see the charactera��s audition piece, click on their name below. You dona��t need to memorise it, but you do need to try to read it in character. Even if youa��ve acted a principal role in previous years, you need to show us what you can bring to this part. As always the a�?Best on the day gets the part!a��

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